Monday, September 10, 2007

YouTube Raves

Once upon a time I was a bigger YouTube whore than I am now. I would spend hours getting lost on the site. One click leads to another 4 minute waste of time, followed by another 6 minute clip of some drag queen in Huntsville, Alabama doing a disgrace to Deborah Cox. But, there is often that wonderful treasure that you find, it lifts your spirits.
Most of these aren't uplifting or life changing, but I like it.

Larry Craig vs. Avenue Q.

Kitty Say What (Morphing Kittens), is the gayest thing ever. But, I LOVE IT!! With well over 2 million views it is a YouTube Classic.

I guess it can get gayer. This is as gay as it gets. Tony Randall introducing Jennifer Holliday at the 1982 Tonys. And, she is performing "And I'm Telling You". This is a one of those Earth shattering YouTube videos.

I love William Sledd. He is a fellow Kentuckian. He has his own show at I just think it is genius that a gay guy living in Paducha, Kentucky (a few of my good friends are from there), and working at The Gap, can make such a splash reading people about their clothes. And, Kentucky is full of bad taste. Kentucky Derby much?

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