Monday, September 24, 2007

We ain't got no queers around here

Yes, this clip is from FOX News...but at least they showed it!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The party

Stuffy's birthday party went fairly well. People were in and out all night. At least three people made drunken fools of themselves, I was not one of them this time.

Stuffy does a Jello shot.

Charles, Peter, Emily, and Josh

Diana, Ryan, Chris, me

Vanessa, David V., and me

Doug and Josh

with Chris

Stuffy raping hot Josh

Jennifer and Kellan

with Ashley L.

Josh, Doug, and John

with Mike, Bobby, Doug, and John

with Mike

with Ashley L. and Sean

laughing with Stuffy

Mike fucking Stuffy on the Soloflex

Doing shots of cheap tequila out of plastic cups.

Stuffy acting like a slut.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Butching it up

Over the past few days, I have been hearing this constant hissing noise emanating from beneath the floor in bedroom. My old car makes a lot of noises too. I just turn up the radio to drown them out. But, this was perplexing, and after three days of the persistent sound, and after Doug came down and heard it as well, I thought it was time to investigate.

This is no easy task. It means I have to move my table and chairs in my kitchen, which sit on a large round rug, and open the gates of hell. I live in an old historic home in an old historic neighborhood, and getting into the cellar is a pain in the ass. The gas meters for my house are down there, which means once a month a redneck man from Louisville Gas & Electric comes knocking at my door at 8 in the morning to read the damn things. He used to have a key and let himself in while I lay in bed, but I have changed the locks since then. I only let him in every four months or so now, or when they threaten to cut my gas off. I did not smell gas however, so I let the sound continue.
I bit the bullet tonight though, and ventured down the steps. I called my father before going down the steep steps, so he could guide me as to what I found (or in case I got killed or injured, I would have someone on the phone). What I found was water dripping everywhere. I concluded that it was hot water coming from a copper pipe leading out of the hot water heater. With the help of my father, I found how to turn it off. Leaving it off is not an option however as Doug, who lives upstairs, gets up at 5AM to get ready for work. I have barely been asleep sometimes by then.

After several phone calls to a few different people, the conclusion was that I should try to dry it off, and duct tape it real good. So, I put my pink bandanna around my head, and headed down again with tape and towel in hand. I arduously dried and taped the fucker. It was steamy and hot, kind of like the steam room at the bathhouse without a chance at any action, but I persisted.
I anxiously turned the cobweb covered valve again, just knowing that my duct tape work would solve the problem. It didn't. Water started spewing from everywhere along the taped up pipe. Fuck it! I left it on, march
ed up the steps, and closed the doors. I am not going without hot water. The plumber can come deal with it tomorrow.

In happier news, I made Jello shots in every color of the rainbow for the party Saturday. I don't ever remember making them before. I Googled for the recipe. Who knew there were over 100 different recipes, using all kinds of alcohol, and different proportions of cold and hot water?

I made about 11 of each flavor; lemon, orange, strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, lime, and grape. I arranged them on serving trays and covered them with cling wrap for easy access Saturday.

Thank god I haven't butched up completely.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boys of Summer

The summer has come to an end. My best friends, David and JPat, have a magnificent pool that I rarely used last year, unfortunately. But, this year I made it my mission to spend as much time there as possible. They love me, I love them.

This is the soundtrack to this post, "Boys os Summer". Play it if you dare.

with Lauren.
She made a special appearance from Chicago
for a weekend.

John S., Jessica, and Doug
Old school friends...nothing could change it.

Me, in the pool

CB in the pool
She makes appearances once in a while.

A true fixture on the scene,
I have come to love her.

Me with Chris, Brian, and David C.
I am pretty sure I am cracked at this point.

Mike, David C., and Mike
They round out our crazy group.

with David V. and David C.
We look good.... from the chest up.

Girl Please, Kieth is pure fun.

Where's Chazz at??? With David C.
Te Quiero mi amigo.

Jpat and Lauren share a moment...

I had a fab summer!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I don't like to share

My fair city of Louisville is in the midst of a renaissance. The city center has been undergoing a major overhaul. Downtown living is chic again, the best eateries and hotels are now downtown, and nightlife has exploded. Well, gay nightlife has been downtown forever, we are always the first to know a good thing though. The total investment in the city center is over two billion dollars. The city is attracting new business and attention, and visitors are coming for conventions, and just to be here at times other than The Kentucky Derby. While I am all for progress, I live in Louisville for a reason, it has always been a laid back, lazy river city, and that fits me perfectly.

The Developments

Already, over the last five years, we have a new convention center, new hotels, most notably 21c and Marriott, and 4th Street Live. 4th Street Live is a huge multilevel complex full of clubs, restaurants, and shops. It is pretty, but full of commercial, touristy places like Hard Rock Cafe and TGI Fridays. It attracts the convention tourists and rednecks from outside the city that seek a "night in the city".

The future developments get more interesting.

Museum Plaza will become the tallest building in the state, by far, and will be one of the mo
st unique and daring skyscrapers in the country. It is being developed as a mix-use facility, with a hotel, condos, apartments, offices, the MFA program for the University of Louisville, and a huge modern art museum floating half way up the building. It will have a diagonal elevator that will take visitors from the historic ironclad building on Main Street to the ultramodern sky lobby overlooking the Ohio River and city.

A new arena is being built right in the heart of the central business district. The facility will be a state of the art 23,000 seat show piece that will primarily house the University of Louisville men's and women's basketball teams. It is already being sold as a possible site for other NCAA tournaments and conventions.
I am most excited about this project, as I have season tickets to U
of L basketball, and the current situation with Freedom Hall at the fairgrounds in horrible. I have to drive in nasty traffic to get there, there are no restaurants or bars around, and to get out in less than 30 minutes requires leaving before the game ends.

Other projects include City Center, with retail, offices, hotels, movie theaters, a concert venue, and restaurants and bars. This is said to be an extension of 4th Street Live. I hope it is filled with better shit than that place though.

River Park Place is a huge housing complex being built right on the Ohio River.

The Iron Quarter is another entertainment district being planned on old Whiskey Row, right next to the new arena. It will also contain a new high rise housing complex, and places like ESPN Zone and Crate & Barrel tentatively.

In addition, there are new medical complexes being built, like a new Veterans Hospital. Housing is popping up everywhere downtown, ranging from simple studios and lofts to huge high rise condos. New, upscale restaurants like, Jeff Ruby's and Proof on Main are all the rage downtown as well.

I don't want to Share Louisville

The latest, controversial ad campaign to come out of this is from the people at It tells the tongue in cheek stories of various people living in bigger cities around the country. They are frustrated by high crime, lack of advancement, cost of living, and general happiness about their current city. But, it doesn't really expand on why Louisville is a better place to live, instead it bashes the other cities. I am not sure this is effective, but here are a few examples.

Los Angeles



Why should I share Louisville? I love my city for what it is. I don't want to be the next Indianapolis or Atlanta.

I am selfish, sorry.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Suck it Jesus

The Writing is on the Wall

Once again I was fixing to do this wonderful post about graffiti. I have this AT&T phone box outside my backyard that has been hit by graffiti, and was featured in the latest issue of Cherokee Triangle Newsletter. I live a very historic hood, and we have our own newsletter, so suck it. I had called 311 (MetroCall) about the tagging on various occasions, but in the article I learned you need to call 911 and report it as a crime to get some action.
I had these fantastic photos of graffiti on my super new cell phone th
at I had taken in various bathrooms and alleys. But, I erased them all inadvertently when I put the memory card into my laptop. So, the photos and the enlightening post for the night are gone.
The AT&T phone box thingy was recently paint
ed to erase all the previous markings, which included drawings of penises, and words like "pussy" and "slut", two of my favorite words. I found the art refreshing, and welcomed it to my somewhat pristine and sterile, although liberal and enlightened hood.
Today, a new almost inconspicuous marking has appeared. It may be a threat to our Homeland Security. It reads, "WE ARE THE TERRORISTS". I don't think 311 or 911 can handle this. Does anyone have the number to Michael Chertoff's office? I don't care if the terrorists blast other places, but not in my backyard!!!

Hey Mr. DJ

So, you know I am hosting this birthday party for my friend Stuffy Saturday, and I burned a mp3 CD that could play for several hours. I was really trying to keep a "straight sense" about me while choosing the songs for the playlist for the night, but what do straight peeps listen to?? I want
to impress the super hot, young boys that are coming from our work with my musical taste.
I just don't know what the kids listen to these days. I keep up more or less, and I know what I like. Timbaland, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado, and Justin Timberlake I like. I know all the dance music still that is popular in the gay world. So, I just combined it all, and downloaded new shit for an eight hour extravaganza that includes: KD Lang, Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Culture Club. That's not too gay is it??
Oh, I am making jello shots in every color of the rainbow for the party. It should make for a wonderful photo that I will post in full color here. Yes, I do allow color on my blog if it is relevant or I am too lazy to change the photo.

Jesus sucks, Kathy does not

I love me some Kathy Griffin. She can do no wrong in my book that nobody reads. But, when she won that Emmy, and said, "Suck it Jesus, This is my god now", I said aloud, "Oh girl, what have you done?"
I don't believe in god, I don't believe in Jesus, and I believe Christianity is the biggest problem in my country. But, you can't say it out loud.
Well, I guess you can. I love her more than ever after seeing her talk about it tonight on Larry King. She did not even defend herself. Kathy was unapologetic and defiant. She owns what she says, and I love it.
The comment was censored from the airings of the program, of course. Suck it Christians. They put a full page ad in the USA Today denouncing her statement (they being a group of actors/ dancers from Tennessee). She is one of the few people that can make me laugh. She best not stop doing it either.

I promise all of my readers (yes, all two of you), more enlightening posts soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bloody Sunday Shorts

Reality Whore

I have conflicting shows on tonight at 8, Big Brother 8, and Buscando a Timbiriche: La Nueva Banda. I am a reality show whore.
I am compl
etely over BB8. This season sucked beyond belief. My mother is a fanatic of the show, and always buys the live feeds on RealPlayer, so I have access to watch them whenever I want. I gave up on watching the feeds after they voted off the hottest and most interesting guys. What is left?? Evil Dick and Danielle, an estranged father/ daughter pair that are devoid of any interesting qualities. The few that left before them were uncharismatic as well. Amber was a cry baby. Jameka was a crazy Christian (she was the lesser of all the evils), and Eric and Jess were the most boring "showmance", in the history of reality TV.

I will be watching instead, the three hour program, Buscando a Timbiriche: La Nueva Banda. I watch very little Univision. I should to help me with my Spanish, but the shows are so cheesy and badly done that I can't watch much on that channel. But, this American Idol type show is casting new members for a hugely popular 80's group called Timbiriche. Paulina Rubio is the most famous to come out of this group, and most notably, the only one of the original members not on the current show. Alberto is pictured, and one of the reasons I watch. He is a hotter and younger Luis Miguel.
I met Paulina Rubio t
wice while in Monterrey, Mexico. She was so nice to me. I spoke to her in Spanish always, and I was nervous as fuck. She gently corrected my errors speaking her native tongue. I love her, and her music.

Cleaning House

I have a full weekend coming up, and a full work week ahead. I am hosting a birthday party for my friend Stuffy (aka Stacy) Saturday. I call her Stuffy because she always has her pussy stuffed with some good dick. I will have a full report on the festivities.
I have to have an immaculately clean house before any party. I may not have the best shit in my house, but shit looks worse when it's dirty. So, I started cleaning today. I have been trying to keep a clean place,but I am a total slob.
It is so easy to be the biggest slob when you
live alone. I take off my clothes as I enter the back door through the kitchen and throw them right on the floor. I eat a bag of pretzels and throw the bag on the chair next to me, where it stays for a few days. These are all things I am improving.
There is a new piano in the storage room, my front living room. I have two living rooms, and the first one is full of my BFF's (Doug) stuff. The latest arrival is an upright piano. I was a bit concerned when I heard upright piano at first. I thought it would look like one of those grotesque pianos we had in elementary school that belonged in saloon from a western movie. It doesn't look too bad, does it???

Countdown to Timbiriche is on....I may post the results later. The first member is chosen tonight.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Magic Skin Flute

I went to see my first ballet ever tonight, Mozart's The Magic Flute. I can't believe I had never seen a ballet until tonight....on second thought, maybe I saw a ballet in college. Who knows? We would often get drunk or drop acid before attending such functions.
I really enjoyed the p
erformance tonight. It was mesmerizing. A completely black stage punctuated by these amazing dancers in colorful costumes. The Vicodin I took before the show could have helped a bit though.
We left at halftime (intermission), which is par for the course when my mom and I go see something. Over an hour was enough for me, plus one of the biggest football games of the year w
as on at the same time, University of Louisville vs. University of Kentucky. I'm not a major football fan, but, this is a big in state rivalry, and I like to keep up on such stuff. If the guys had been dressed and looked like the guy in the picture, we would have stayed for sure.

In other more important news, the hot guy at the liquor store up the street from my house has been telling me I look like Alex Krycek from The X-Files. I had never watched more than 5 minutes of this show in my life, but I like him telling me I look like someone. I wonder if he has a secret man crush on Krycek, and wants to role play?
Apparently Krycek is a secret agent. Maybe hot liquor store guy wants me to come in as Krycek and tell him I am investigating aliens infiltrating area liquor stores. Then, take him into the walk-in beer cooler where I would have to strip search him. I would conclude the aliens had taken over his body, and have to suck them out of him personally.

Hummm, I think I am out of Stoli. Be back later.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thunder Thighs

I was doing this big political post about North Korea and shit, but I'm not in that mood now. I will save it for later. So, I am doing a post on a drunken night that happened on the second most festive night in Louisville (following The Kentucky Derby).

Thunder over Louisville is the kickoff to a two week
celebration of festivals, parades, and parties, leading up to the Kentucky Derby. It is said to be the largest fireworks display in North America, an all day air show along the Ohio River, followed by a 40 minute extravaganza of music and exploding lights. An entire bridge is even set in flames. I don't really get into fireworks much, but this is a reason to party with 500,000 rednecks, I mean people, crowding the waterfront.
The party was at my friend Mike's new place in the gay, gay, gay downtown apartment building, The Carlyisle. We got there ab
out 7:00, a few hours before the fireworks would start, and the night progressed from there. I will follow with a picture commentary.

Doug and I have a pre-party drink at Tryangle's

The boys of the party. My ex's are marked by the arrows,
and the host, Mike, is to my right. In a small city, your
ex's are everywhere.

David V. and I enjoying the fireworks on the rooftop.

My favorite ex, Jaymes. I am starting to look a bit rough.

I was still looking a bit frazzled, but alert with unknown male,
Jaymes, and John at the after party.

The big gay party that night is at Connection.
Ashlee and I sit on the balcony. Yeah,
beyond rough in this picture.

OK, I was completely drunk at this point, kissing
Rusty, with Ashlee.

"Cracked to the core" with unknown lezbot at Connection.

Overall, it was a pretty perfect night.