Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Weekend (mainly in pictures)

It was Gallery Hop weekend. Doug and I had done every one of them this summer, so why miss this one? We pre-partied at John S. new place which was in walking distance of the festivities. Cute place, bad wallpaper. David & Jpat met us there.
But, the police were allover the place, and really being bitches about the open containers on the street.
In all previous Gallery Hops, the alcohol is free flowin
g, and mainly free. Apparently, the City of Louisville got over this, and started cracking down.....we had to pay for beers!!!

David V. and I at the Gallery Hop.

Jpat, David V., and John S. at Jennica's on Market St. after the Hop.

I told them to act like celebrity wasn't a stretch.

It was my precious friend Tamara's 21st birthday that night at Fuzion as well. She seemed so thrilled when we arrived. I don't know where else I would have been though.
When we arrived there was a total VIP section set up for her party, with bottles of vodka and trays of shots. Hey, I am all for that.

She looked great, and I had a ton o' fun.

John S. was "cracked to the core" on a bed in the VIP area.

I had to work the next morning (Saturday) at Austin's, but imagine my delight when my friend and bartender Jen K. was hungover!! The bitch doesn't drink (much, and I have never seen her like this).
Overall it was a 3 1/2 star weekend (out of 5).

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