Thursday, September 20, 2007

Butching it up

Over the past few days, I have been hearing this constant hissing noise emanating from beneath the floor in bedroom. My old car makes a lot of noises too. I just turn up the radio to drown them out. But, this was perplexing, and after three days of the persistent sound, and after Doug came down and heard it as well, I thought it was time to investigate.

This is no easy task. It means I have to move my table and chairs in my kitchen, which sit on a large round rug, and open the gates of hell. I live in an old historic home in an old historic neighborhood, and getting into the cellar is a pain in the ass. The gas meters for my house are down there, which means once a month a redneck man from Louisville Gas & Electric comes knocking at my door at 8 in the morning to read the damn things. He used to have a key and let himself in while I lay in bed, but I have changed the locks since then. I only let him in every four months or so now, or when they threaten to cut my gas off. I did not smell gas however, so I let the sound continue.
I bit the bullet tonight though, and ventured down the steps. I called my father before going down the steep steps, so he could guide me as to what I found (or in case I got killed or injured, I would have someone on the phone). What I found was water dripping everywhere. I concluded that it was hot water coming from a copper pipe leading out of the hot water heater. With the help of my father, I found how to turn it off. Leaving it off is not an option however as Doug, who lives upstairs, gets up at 5AM to get ready for work. I have barely been asleep sometimes by then.

After several phone calls to a few different people, the conclusion was that I should try to dry it off, and duct tape it real good. So, I put my pink bandanna around my head, and headed down again with tape and towel in hand. I arduously dried and taped the fucker. It was steamy and hot, kind of like the steam room at the bathhouse without a chance at any action, but I persisted.
I anxiously turned the cobweb covered valve again, just knowing that my duct tape work would solve the problem. It didn't. Water started spewing from everywhere along the taped up pipe. Fuck it! I left it on, march
ed up the steps, and closed the doors. I am not going without hot water. The plumber can come deal with it tomorrow.

In happier news, I made Jello shots in every color of the rainbow for the party Saturday. I don't ever remember making them before. I Googled for the recipe. Who knew there were over 100 different recipes, using all kinds of alcohol, and different proportions of cold and hot water?

I made about 11 of each flavor; lemon, orange, strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, lime, and grape. I arranged them on serving trays and covered them with cling wrap for easy access Saturday.

Thank god I haven't butched up completely.

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