Sunday, September 9, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I had looked forward to this weekend for sometime. I planned a potluck dinner at the pool (David & Jpat's), which was to be the finale to a great summer.
I'm not sure it was the most action packed su
mmer of my life, but it was definitely the hottest. Here, in Kentucky, when it gets into the 90's it gets unbearable. This year it was several days in the 100's I had to deal with.

Saturday was White Party at Starbase Q. Lauren was visiting me (and her family) from Chicago, so she collected me, and we met Doug & John at Tryangles. We immediately went to Q. The bar had been completely tr
ansformed. It was completely draped in white cloth and snowflakes, and awash in black light.

John L. gave me tongue bath on the back of my neck. No objections here. Lauren spilled drinks down the Mormon Jew's pants. I would have cleaned it up for him though.

The next day was to be the big event by the pool. Everyone ruined it more or less for me though, and all my hard work was in vain.
That is being a bit dramatic. It turned out to be a barrel of fun. I was in charge of chicken. David, Jpat, & Chris had partied hard the day before (Saturday), and were all hurting a bit at the outset of the day. Hair of the dog, and they got over it.

David C. was a fun pool buddy as always. All the usual suspects were in attendance: Tina, Brian, Chris, John S., Mike, Doug, Rusty, Stuffy, Lauren, Kieth, and the hosts. We also had a special appearance by Lauren's fuck buddy and a couple lezbots.
I heard the food was good, but didn't eat much. I got drunk by the time we rang the dinner bell.
The highlight of the day was the reigning of a new "Pool Whore", and that distinction went to................Chris.

Oh, I almost forgot about the going away party I organized for Bill H., a coworker, at Bearno's on Labor Day. I was completely worn out, as a small group came back to my place after the pool day and "partied" until dawn.
But, I made it to the party, right up the street from my house, and stayed for a couple drinks. At least my baby Jen N. was there looking great.

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