Saturday, September 8, 2007

Vacation Tricks

We have all had our share of vacation hook-ups (I have had my fair share at least), the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is a story of all three wrapped into one.
I decided to spend a month in Puerto Vallarta,
the gay beach side capital of Mexico. I was arrived the second week of May 2007, and stayed until the second week of June. I rented a two bedroom/ two bath condo for the month on the cheap. It was slightly off the beaten path, but i knew it was in the heart of "gay Vallarta". I spent the first few days alone, just getting re familiarized with the city.
I had been to Puerto Vallarta several times before with my mother, who wanted me to suggest a vaction place for us after her boss started giving her two free tickets anywhere for a Christmas gift. What a better place than PV, for the culture, shopping, restaurants, and beach that she loves, and the gay boys I love. She loves gay boys too, me being her only child.

This time it was gay boys only for the entire month (except one hag....which turned out to be ok). I booked the boys into the condo. Two groups, one left on the day the others arrived. Anyway, this is a tale of two tricks...back to the story.
I met the first trick within the first week. David & JPat had just arrived a day before, and I took them to the hottest new club in the city, Club Manaña. I was completely wasted when I returned from the bathroom, and David told me a boy was asking about me in horrible English. Long story short, we met, and he went home with me.

Over the next couple of weeks, he leached onto me, and I grew tired of it. We hung out, got to know each other. I could never pronounce his name. Sex was marginal, at best.

A couple weeks later under the watch of second group of friends, and a potent hit of ecstasy, I met another, more to my taste Mexican man, Francisco. It was at the same Club Manaña. I was in love for the night. My previous trick was doing drag in another club for the night. Yes, I fucked a drag queen.
Francisco and I dropped more X together that night,and danced until dawn. Later, we went back to his modest apartment, and had that sex you can only have while on the X.

Next day - he wanted to go drinking, early. we had barely slept, and were both giddy from the sex and drugs. We went to the "gay beach" where I had spent my previous 25 days with Wencesiao (first trick). Wences was there, and the drama ensued. Only, I did not care. I felt like I was breaking the heart of someone that had never loved before, but I felt proud about it.
Wences would never approach until Francisco went to the store. When Wences finally did approach the DJ on the beach was playing the most appropriate song, Niño.

Niño es hora de partir
La vida me invito
Hacia otro lugar,
Sin ti
Tambien me duele

Es, lo mejor

Dejame irme,
Dejame partir

I broke Wencesiao's heart, Francisco broke mine. Karma may be a bitch, I may have met her.

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