Monday, September 17, 2007

Suck it Jesus

The Writing is on the Wall

Once again I was fixing to do this wonderful post about graffiti. I have this AT&T phone box outside my backyard that has been hit by graffiti, and was featured in the latest issue of Cherokee Triangle Newsletter. I live a very historic hood, and we have our own newsletter, so suck it. I had called 311 (MetroCall) about the tagging on various occasions, but in the article I learned you need to call 911 and report it as a crime to get some action.
I had these fantastic photos of graffiti on my super new cell phone th
at I had taken in various bathrooms and alleys. But, I erased them all inadvertently when I put the memory card into my laptop. So, the photos and the enlightening post for the night are gone.
The AT&T phone box thingy was recently paint
ed to erase all the previous markings, which included drawings of penises, and words like "pussy" and "slut", two of my favorite words. I found the art refreshing, and welcomed it to my somewhat pristine and sterile, although liberal and enlightened hood.
Today, a new almost inconspicuous marking has appeared. It may be a threat to our Homeland Security. It reads, "WE ARE THE TERRORISTS". I don't think 311 or 911 can handle this. Does anyone have the number to Michael Chertoff's office? I don't care if the terrorists blast other places, but not in my backyard!!!

Hey Mr. DJ

So, you know I am hosting this birthday party for my friend Stuffy Saturday, and I burned a mp3 CD that could play for several hours. I was really trying to keep a "straight sense" about me while choosing the songs for the playlist for the night, but what do straight peeps listen to?? I want
to impress the super hot, young boys that are coming from our work with my musical taste.
I just don't know what the kids listen to these days. I keep up more or less, and I know what I like. Timbaland, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado, and Justin Timberlake I like. I know all the dance music still that is popular in the gay world. So, I just combined it all, and downloaded new shit for an eight hour extravaganza that includes: KD Lang, Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Culture Club. That's not too gay is it??
Oh, I am making jello shots in every color of the rainbow for the party. It should make for a wonderful photo that I will post in full color here. Yes, I do allow color on my blog if it is relevant or I am too lazy to change the photo.

Jesus sucks, Kathy does not

I love me some Kathy Griffin. She can do no wrong in my book that nobody reads. But, when she won that Emmy, and said, "Suck it Jesus, This is my god now", I said aloud, "Oh girl, what have you done?"
I don't believe in god, I don't believe in Jesus, and I believe Christianity is the biggest problem in my country. But, you can't say it out loud.
Well, I guess you can. I love her more than ever after seeing her talk about it tonight on Larry King. She did not even defend herself. Kathy was unapologetic and defiant. She owns what she says, and I love it.
The comment was censored from the airings of the program, of course. Suck it Christians. They put a full page ad in the USA Today denouncing her statement (they being a group of actors/ dancers from Tennessee). She is one of the few people that can make me laugh. She best not stop doing it either.

I promise all of my readers (yes, all two of you), more enlightening posts soon.

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