Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bloody Sunday Shorts

Reality Whore

I have conflicting shows on tonight at 8, Big Brother 8, and Buscando a Timbiriche: La Nueva Banda. I am a reality show whore.
I am compl
etely over BB8. This season sucked beyond belief. My mother is a fanatic of the show, and always buys the live feeds on RealPlayer, so I have access to watch them whenever I want. I gave up on watching the feeds after they voted off the hottest and most interesting guys. What is left?? Evil Dick and Danielle, an estranged father/ daughter pair that are devoid of any interesting qualities. The few that left before them were uncharismatic as well. Amber was a cry baby. Jameka was a crazy Christian (she was the lesser of all the evils), and Eric and Jess were the most boring "showmance", in the history of reality TV.

I will be watching instead, the three hour program, Buscando a Timbiriche: La Nueva Banda. I watch very little Univision. I should to help me with my Spanish, but the shows are so cheesy and badly done that I can't watch much on that channel. But, this American Idol type show is casting new members for a hugely popular 80's group called Timbiriche. Paulina Rubio is the most famous to come out of this group, and most notably, the only one of the original members not on the current show. Alberto is pictured, and one of the reasons I watch. He is a hotter and younger Luis Miguel.
I met Paulina Rubio t
wice while in Monterrey, Mexico. She was so nice to me. I spoke to her in Spanish always, and I was nervous as fuck. She gently corrected my errors speaking her native tongue. I love her, and her music.

Cleaning House

I have a full weekend coming up, and a full work week ahead. I am hosting a birthday party for my friend Stuffy (aka Stacy) Saturday. I call her Stuffy because she always has her pussy stuffed with some good dick. I will have a full report on the festivities.
I have to have an immaculately clean house before any party. I may not have the best shit in my house, but shit looks worse when it's dirty. So, I started cleaning today. I have been trying to keep a clean place,but I am a total slob.
It is so easy to be the biggest slob when you
live alone. I take off my clothes as I enter the back door through the kitchen and throw them right on the floor. I eat a bag of pretzels and throw the bag on the chair next to me, where it stays for a few days. These are all things I am improving.
There is a new piano in the storage room, my front living room. I have two living rooms, and the first one is full of my BFF's (Doug) stuff. The latest arrival is an upright piano. I was a bit concerned when I heard upright piano at first. I thought it would look like one of those grotesque pianos we had in elementary school that belonged in saloon from a western movie. It doesn't look too bad, does it???

Countdown to Timbiriche is on....I may post the results later. The first member is chosen tonight.

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