Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Magic Skin Flute

I went to see my first ballet ever tonight, Mozart's The Magic Flute. I can't believe I had never seen a ballet until tonight....on second thought, maybe I saw a ballet in college. Who knows? We would often get drunk or drop acid before attending such functions.
I really enjoyed the p
erformance tonight. It was mesmerizing. A completely black stage punctuated by these amazing dancers in colorful costumes. The Vicodin I took before the show could have helped a bit though.
We left at halftime (intermission), which is par for the course when my mom and I go see something. Over an hour was enough for me, plus one of the biggest football games of the year w
as on at the same time, University of Louisville vs. University of Kentucky. I'm not a major football fan, but, this is a big in state rivalry, and I like to keep up on such stuff. If the guys had been dressed and looked like the guy in the picture, we would have stayed for sure.

In other more important news, the hot guy at the liquor store up the street from my house has been telling me I look like Alex Krycek from The X-Files. I had never watched more than 5 minutes of this show in my life, but I like him telling me I look like someone. I wonder if he has a secret man crush on Krycek, and wants to role play?
Apparently Krycek is a secret agent. Maybe hot liquor store guy wants me to come in as Krycek and tell him I am investigating aliens infiltrating area liquor stores. Then, take him into the walk-in beer cooler where I would have to strip search him. I would conclude the aliens had taken over his body, and have to suck them out of him personally.

Hummm, I think I am out of Stoli. Be back later.

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