Friday, September 14, 2007

Thunder Thighs

I was doing this big political post about North Korea and shit, but I'm not in that mood now. I will save it for later. So, I am doing a post on a drunken night that happened on the second most festive night in Louisville (following The Kentucky Derby).

Thunder over Louisville is the kickoff to a two week
celebration of festivals, parades, and parties, leading up to the Kentucky Derby. It is said to be the largest fireworks display in North America, an all day air show along the Ohio River, followed by a 40 minute extravaganza of music and exploding lights. An entire bridge is even set in flames. I don't really get into fireworks much, but this is a reason to party with 500,000 rednecks, I mean people, crowding the waterfront.
The party was at my friend Mike's new place in the gay, gay, gay downtown apartment building, The Carlyisle. We got there ab
out 7:00, a few hours before the fireworks would start, and the night progressed from there. I will follow with a picture commentary.

Doug and I have a pre-party drink at Tryangle's

The boys of the party. My ex's are marked by the arrows,
and the host, Mike, is to my right. In a small city, your
ex's are everywhere.

David V. and I enjoying the fireworks on the rooftop.

My favorite ex, Jaymes. I am starting to look a bit rough.

I was still looking a bit frazzled, but alert with unknown male,
Jaymes, and John at the after party.

The big gay party that night is at Connection.
Ashlee and I sit on the balcony. Yeah,
beyond rough in this picture.

OK, I was completely drunk at this point, kissing
Rusty, with Ashlee.

"Cracked to the core" with unknown lezbot at Connection.

Overall, it was a pretty perfect night.

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