Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boys of Summer

The summer has come to an end. My best friends, David and JPat, have a magnificent pool that I rarely used last year, unfortunately. But, this year I made it my mission to spend as much time there as possible. They love me, I love them.

This is the soundtrack to this post, "Boys os Summer". Play it if you dare.

with Lauren.
She made a special appearance from Chicago
for a weekend.

John S., Jessica, and Doug
Old school friends...nothing could change it.

Me, in the pool

CB in the pool
She makes appearances once in a while.

A true fixture on the scene,
I have come to love her.

Me with Chris, Brian, and David C.
I am pretty sure I am cracked at this point.

Mike, David C., and Mike
They round out our crazy group.

with David V. and David C.
We look good.... from the chest up.

Girl Please, Kieth is pure fun.

Where's Chazz at??? With David C.
Te Quiero mi amigo.

Jpat and Lauren share a moment...

I had a fab summer!!!

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