Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I am not one to go out on New Year's Eve. It is reserved for the amateurs. But, we were all free, had nothing better to do, and decided to go out. It turned out to be a fantastic evening.
Lauren, John, and Doug met at my place for a meal that Doug cooked for us upstairs in his apartment. It was edible. We had champagne before heading out to Starbase Q to begin our night at 10:00. From there, we went to our main destination Fuzion.
We were a little apprehensive because it was 18 and over, but pleasantly surprised to see a great mix of people at the club. Drinks were flowing, and pills were popping. We ended the night with a nightcap Tryangles, and hotdogs at John's place.
I awoke, and went straight to the University of Louisville basketball game. They lost to Cincinnati by one miserable point.
I made a wonderful video of the night.

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