Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happenings: In Review

I am watching the Presidential debates at home alone, with a 12 pack of Budweiser, while the Clydesdale upstairs gets ready to go out tonight. She (Doug) walks around like she is pulling the beer wagon behind her in the Macy's parade. I should be going out, but I have already coated my face in a super-hydrating mask, and am making a long blog post for you bitches to read. [edit: not too long, second part will come later]

Vote you Sluts

Here in Kentucky, we have no vote in the primary elections. We vote after on one of the final dates, and by then the nominees are already selected.
I have not been shy about my choice: Hillary. I have pledged a small amount of money out of my checking every month, I have the T-shirt, I have the yard sign and bumper sticker. I really like them all, but I came of age when Bill Clinton was President. So, I was naturally, for Hillary. No
w, after, Barak's speech, and John Edward's performance in the Caucus, I am happily confused. I would take any of them over anyone else.

This speech invokes Bill Clinton, John Kennedy, and
Martin Luther King Jr.

Here I am wearing a Hillary T-shirt at
Gay Pride 2006, way before she announced.
I am just saying.

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