Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Holiday Photo Extravaganza

I have this horrible sickness that "everybody has had". It is funny you don't hear about everybody having these things until you get it. It was only bad enough to miss two days of work, although I act like I am dying every minute of the work day. And, I sound like it when I cough, so people believe me, and tell me to go home. I just say, "No, I'm fine, You need me here".

Since my life consists of earning badges playing mindless games on POGO recently, I thought I would entertain my two readers this week with photos of me in various parties and shit around the holidays.

A big shout out to my reader in New Delhi, India who arrived here by Goggling "Negro Fucking". Welcome, and Jesus loves you.

At Seth's Christmas Party.

My "A-List" Christmas Part, December 22.

Straight boys Sean and Nick

Pretty much sums it up with John

At David & JPats on X-mas night

Can you pick out the real woman?
(NO, it's not me!)

Lauren irons creatively on New Year's Eve.

Fuzion, Midnight, Tamara.

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