Monday, January 14, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things

I stopped by Kroger on my way home to pick up three of my favorite things.

It isn't hard to find Watermelon in the middle of January in Kentucky, it can just be very expensive. $9.99 for a fairly small melon is a price I am willing to pay for my favorite food in the world. Hell, last year I paid $14.99 at one point.

By the way, watermelon is the ultimate hangover cure. There is something about the sugar and high water content that make me feel better after a night of heavy drinking.

Vitamin Water: XXX

I have been drinking Vitamin Water for a few years now. As with most things in Kentucky, it took a long time for anyplace in the city to start carrying this stuff.
I was really into most of the flavors, Formula 50, Defense, and the Orange-Orange were among my favorites. The only one I really despised was the Green Tea flavor, yuk!
But, sometime last year this wonderful flavor appeared on the shelf of my local market. The dark purple color and bold black and white label made me purchase it, and after one taste, I was hooked.
I don't know if you remember Slush Puppie, the sugary drink at convenient stores in the 1980's around these parts. You would pump the chosen flavor in the cup (I always put in more than they said to), then pull the lever to release the sweet pellets of ice and water. Blue Raspberry was my favorite, and XXX reminds me of that. I put it in the freezer
and let it get slush-like, then drink it through a big straw.

Breyer's Bubble Gum Ice Cream

I really like odd ice cream flavors. I still love Superman ice cream, and would still order it if I knew where to find it. But, this Bubble Gum flavor makes me so very happy.

It has such an artificial gum flavor and these bits of really sweet frozen gum that make it hard not to eat the entire carton. I am not sure that one is supposed to swallow 60 small pieces of gum in one setting, but whatever damage it causes, it is well worth it.

To top off the night I am illegally downloading Muriel's Wedding as we speak. I don't know why I don't have the DVD. Below you will find one of the best parts.

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