Monday, December 31, 2007

Amazing (G)Race

It's been a while.
Last night, my mom, Doug, and myself atten
ded the viewing of Amazing Race at Za's Pizza. Kynt and Vyxsin, the dynamic goth couple from Louisville have been hosting the parties for several weeks now, and we decided we had better go this week, because they came in last place on the last episode, and it looked like they may not make it this week.
They didn't.
But, they really did their best, and at one point were actually in first place. Kynt and Vyxsin's fatal mistake came when they failed to use the U-Turn on the stupid straight couple that managed to make it to check-in just moments before them.

It was just a wonderful experience not seeing redneck, hillbillies representing the state of Kentucky on TV for once. Kynt and Vyxsin may not be the "typical Kentuckians", but they are closer to what I know and love.

Vyxsin, my mom, and Kynt before the race.

Watching themselves walk off the Amazing Race.

Kynt addressing the crowd after the show.

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