Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Trabajo cada dia para vivir en esta vida (I be working a lot).

The title is a line from a Shakira song.
I am still housesitting/ dogsitting....still using a free trail on dial-up. It still sucks.
Work is overwhelming me. I am doing two jobs as I said. I have to return all these calls everyday. Today there were 20 messages. Half the people I have to call back are fine....they don't care about how much shit costs, they have 60 people coming to dinner....they want to spend a lot of money. The other half are cheap penny pinching cunts that want a private party for 18 bitches that want to fuck the server I schedule for party, and don't understand when I say no. I have a shit load of calls to return tommarow...yet I sit here at midnight drinking vodka.
I have drank almost all the vodka in the house, one bottle of Grey Goose and one bottle of Absolut. They owe it to me after being without internet all week. Dial-up is the same as being without internet.
The dogs shit all over the carpet because I went for dinner and drinks at my friends place, Mojito Tapas. I was gone all day working, and drinking. I puked cleaing it up. I had to shampoo the fucking carpet. I don't think I will tell them it happened.
Jenna Bush is on Larry King......Whitehouse wedding.....excuse me while I vomit.....again.

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