Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday...Bloody Sunday


The thumb is the most useful digit on the human hand. I cut my left thumb this week, right along the thumbnail. One would think, "use the other four fingers on the fucking hand." It does not work that way.

I cut my thumb while dicing up a $10.00 watermelon (my favorite food gets expensive in the fall/winter), in a semi-druken state.

Anything you buy at the grocery requires two thumbs to pull need two thumbs to text...and, the thumb is an important part in self pleasure.


I am getting a new (or used) car in the next week or so. I now drive a 1994 Ford Taurus, so you can see the need for a new ride. I am not a "car queen", to say the least. I am quite proud that I have not had a
car payment in 10 years. It has afforded me the opportunity to travel very well, including a full month in Mexico this year. But, all good things must come to an end, and my car is on it's last leg. Here are my top contenders for the new wheels:

Honda Civic: Practical, Cheap

Toyota Yaris: Practical, Cheap

Volkswagen Jetta: Practical, Semi-Cheap

Mercedes-Benz DLK 200 Kompressor: Not Practical, Not Cheap.

I think I know where I am leaning. What do you think I should do?

Race on Bitches

The Amazing Race is fantastic once again this year, with a fantastic Goth couple from Louisville really making an impression. I have met one half of the couple (Kynt), and am so thrilled to have someone representing th
e state of Kentucky that are neither hicks or conservatives. They were fourth (really tied for second) tonight on the show.

They have a viewing party at Za's Pizza down the street. I think I will ask my mother if she wants to go next week, as she is a big Amazing Race fan.
I am applying for Big Brother 9. I really don't expect much out of it, but it is something to do while I have a job that will let me off whenever I want.

Popping the Blog Cherry

I am a "blog whore". I have about 15 blogs I check daily, and another 100 that I read at least weekly.

I will never forget my first experience of meeting a blogger that I read. We were at Starbase Q one lovely evening, and I recognized a cute, young guy across the bar. I told Doug that it this guy was from a blog I read. The blog was the now defunct Filthy/Gorgeous, and the author was from Seattle. So, I had to do a triple take to make sure it was him, it was. He was so thrilled to be recognized. I was his first, and from such a backwoods like Kentucky. I think he was surprised we had the internets around these parts.
Well, I got spotted out this weekend for this blog. A super cute, super cool, super nice guy came to blog via a comment I left on Andy Towle's blog TowleRoad. The ironic thing is the guy that spotted me works
at Starbase Q, the very place I met my first blogger. Hi Rob. Sorry for the photo.

My bestest of friends don't even know about my blog. If they find it, fine. But, I talk about a lot of people on here, so it's best they don't. Thank god they are not smart enough to follow the links from YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. An apology is in order. You could've at least explained that the photo is from Halloween. Talk about bad hair days...